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Advenduromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum, derived as a romantic parallel to advendurosexuality. It can be considered a subcategory of the greyromantic umbrella.

Advenduromanticism describes the conditions of infrequent romantic attraction, fading into the background before coming back either suddenly or slowly, which can be triggered by something or just happen. It is also described as being hard to distinguish from platonic attraction. An advenduromantic can experience a crush towards strangers and friends and can have romantic relationships.

Advenduromantic experiences may include:

  • Relating to some aromantic or grayromantic experiences.
  • Having only limited experiences with romantic attraction.
  • Having very brief crushes.
  • Only getting crushes several years into a friendship.
  • Not understanding the point of blind dating, speed dating, personal ads, or a generalized desire for a romantic partner who isn't an already-known person.
  • Being in a relationship without being romantically attracted to that person most of the time.

Like with any romantic orientation, advenduromantic individuals can identify with any sexual orientation. The name comes from the Latin words adventus, meaning arrival, and durum, meaning hard.


Two flags have been created, both by the coiner of the term, lgbt-i-guess on Tumblr. The first, a red-orange-white-grey-black flag, was made at the same time the term was coined, Jan 13th.

Tumblr inline plafkfOd5K1vfwgo4 1280

First advenduromantic flag, made on 13th Jan 2019. Top to bottom: Red, Orange, White, Grey, Black

This flag was replaced due to the fact it is visually similar to the lithromantic flag.


Second and current advenduromantic flag, made on 16th Jan 2019. Top to bottom: Orange, Light Orange, White, Grey, Black

After this, another flag was made, on Jan 16th. This one was orange-light orange-white-grey-black instead.