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An encyclopedia of everything related to aromanticism and the aromantic spectrum. The wiki is an ongoing community project, and we're always looking for more input.

The Aro Spectrum

The aro spectrum includes all non-alloromantic orientations. Alloromantic people experience somewhat frequent romantic attraction and are typically considered "the norm". The spectrum of nonromantic, semiromantic, and altromantic orientations which fall under the aromantic spectrum is very diverse. Aro folks also belong to many different sexual orientations, gender identities, races, nationalities, and other demographics.

Rules about this wiki

  1. DO NOT vandalize or spam this wiki.
  2. IF you're starting a new article, please make sure it is not a "one-line article" i.e. an article with little to no content. If you're starting a new article, it needs to be an article with sufficient content.
  3. Please ensure that all grammar is proper and neat.
  4. This wiki is to have as few pages as possible. So, DO NOT create duplicate pages or pages with any other random content. Only if the topic applies to aromanticism, then it belongs here, but if it does NOT apply to aromanticism, then it does not belong here.

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