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Cupioromantic, often shortened to Cupio, is an umbrella term that describes an individual who may desire a romantic relationship, but may experience little to no romantic attraction.

Whether Cupioromantics get into romantic relationships or do romantic acts differs with each and every person.


Cupioromantic derived from "cupio" which meant "longing" or "I desire" in Latin. Its sexual equivalent is Cupiosexual, and it's opposite being Orchidromantic.


Though the term's origin is unknown, it's predecessor, kalosromantic, was coined in 2014 by Tumblr user acelyssie. The Tumblr user also coined the term kalossexual, which was later on changed to cupiosexual. How kalossexual and kalosromantic became cupiosexual and cupioromantic is unknown, however the change has happened relatively soon after the terms were coined.