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Demiromantic flag

The demiromantic flag.

Demiromantic flag (2)

An alternative demiromantic flag.

Demiromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum, derived as a romantic parallel to demisexuality. It can be considered a subcategory of the grayromantic umbrella.

Demiromanticism describes the conditions of rare romantic attraction, felt only in the presence of a preexisting emotional bond. This generally means not getting crushes on strangers or anyone with whom the individual is not already close.

Demiromantic experiences may include:

  • Relating to some aromantic or greyromantic experiences
  • Having only limited or rare experiences with romantic attraction
  • Experiencing romantic attraction that develops only with close friends [1]
  • Only getting crushes several years into a friendship
  • Not understanding the point of blind dating, speed dating, personal ads, or a generalized desire for a romantic partner who isn't an already-known person [2]

Like with other romantic orientations, demiromantic individuals can identify with any sexual orientation.