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Demivix flag

Demivix flag

Demivix (also known as demimix) is part of the split attraction model. Demivix is someone who is romantically attracted to one or more genders but sexually attracted to others (typically not the same but can be). This can also be used to describe other types of attractions such as platonic.

It can also be described as someone having attraction to one or more genders but a different attraction to other genders.


Someone having romantic attraction to men but sexually attracted to women and nonbinary people. Or being sexually and romantically attracted to women but only romantically attracted to men.

Alternative Demivix Flag

Alternative Demivix Flag


Having platonic attraction to women and nonbinary but having romantic attraction men.


Demi comes from the terms demi-sexual/romantic which demi comes from the prefix demi-, meaning "partially" or "half". This meaning represents the split attraction that is experienced. And vix and mix are to indicate the attraction to two more more genders.


The flag was highly inspired by the demi-sexual/romantic flags. The black triangle represents the community as a whole and a lack of sexual/romantic/etc attraction. The top greenish blue strip represents male identities while the strip below it represents masculine aligned identities. The bottom purple strip represents female identities while the strip above it represents feminine identities. The last middle strip represents every other gender identity that doesn't fall within those categories.

The community for demivix isn't very large as it was recently created but as it's apart of the split attraction model there is a bigger community out there for people with split attractions.

This term was first created by Mysinstonight/GothicThistle. He first posted about it on twitter and on tiktok in 2022.

While they are very similar and Demivix is based off of split attraction model it's important to note that Demivix includes more then just romantic and sexual attraction. And that Demivix is a singular label that does't require other labels to be used to describe the attraction like split attraction model does.