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A flag consisting of five stripes, with two dark green stripes, one on the top and one on the bottom, with two grey stripes on top and below a white stripe in the middle

The Greyromantic flag

Greyromantic (also spelled Grayromantic) describes those who experience romantic attraction with a lesser frequency, or with a lesser intensity, than would be considered average for an alloromantic person. People with a greyromantic identity come to feel a sense of relatedness to the aromantic spectrum due to this discrepancy.

A flag with varying grey and green shades with a solid white stripe in the middle

Alternate Greyromantic flag made by Angel

Common traits of Greyromanticism include:

  • Experiencing romantic attraction infrequently.
  • Experience romantic attraction weakly.
  • Feeling romantic attraction but not desiring a romantic relationship.
  • Feeling unsure about how to identify romantic attraction
  • Experiencing attraction that is only ambiguously romantic.
  • Feeling alienated from romance.
  • Feeling attraction only in specific circumstances.

Greyromantic can be an orientation in and of itself, or in combined with other romantic orientations e.g. grey-homoromantic. Greyromantic can also sometimes be used as an umbrella term for any aro-spec identity that is not purely aromantic.

The sexual counterpart of greyromantic is greysexual.

A flag with two dark grey strips on top and bottom, blue stripes in between the black ones followed by lighter blue-green stripes and two green stripes with a white stripe in the middle. There is a black transparent bird on top of all the stripes.

Alternate greyromantic flag, based on the alternate by @Angel and the proposed new greyromantic flag.


While the creator of the greyromantic flag is unknown, it shares its design and layout with that of the greysexual flag- with purple replaced with green to represent aromanticism.

A flag with two grey stripes, one on top and one bottom. Sage-green stripes follow and light stripes of the same color are after them. There is a white stripe in the middle of all of the stripes.

Another alternate greyromantic flag made by Nyoomster in the LGBTA+ Wiki discord

The second flag was coined by Angel on December 3rd, 2020. The darker shades representing occasional attraction, the mid-way shades represent being on the aro spectrum, the lightest shades represent feeling no romantic attraction, and the white represents community.

The third flag was proposed by Apollo on November 21st, 2020. The stripes do not have any meaning, but go from green to gray as a reference to the aromantic flag and spectrum.

On June 28, 2021, another flag was submitted by Nyoomster on the LGBTA+ wiki discord. Nyoomster's flag was intended to recapture the feeling which comes with being in a grey zone, signalled by the grey boarders surrounding the green colors of the aro spectrum. This iteration of the flag uses slightly lighter and refined shades of green to hint at the uncertainty which may come from being greyromantic, as well as giving it a more cohesive and modernistic look.