Aromantics Wiki

Grey-Aromantic aka Grey-Romantic, Gray-Aromantic, & Gray-Romantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. it is often described as falling somewhere bettween allormantic & aromantic.

Grey-Aromantic individuals may feel

  • like they sometimes experience romantic attraction, rarely/infrequently
  • Experiencing romantic attraction but not desiring romantic relationships
  • Experiencing attraction that is not quite platonic and not quite romantic
  • Experiencing attraction that is a mixture of platonic and romantic
  • Basically anything that isn’t 100% platonic but also isn’t 100% romantic
  • an umbrella/catch all term for those who fall on the aromantic spectrum that identify as anything other than aromantic.

grayromantic can include lithromantic, demiromantic, quoiromantic, aroflux. etc.