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Greyquoiromantic is a subcategory of Quoiromantic. Someone who sometimes, rarely or only in certain situations cannot distinguish between platonic and romantic attraction to other people or has difficulty doing so, can describe themselves as greyquoiromantic.

This often results in situations fluctuating similarly to that of Aroflux but with the added confusion of not being able to distinguish romantic and sexual attraction or romantic and platonic attraction though someone who is greyquioromamtic can still tell the difference between platonic attraction and sexual attraction.

You might be Greyquioromantic if you:

  • Sometimes have trouble distinguishing romantic attraction from sexual attraction.
  • Sometimes have trouble distinguishing romantic attract from platonic attraction.
  • Have periods of confusion over a romantic target but also have periods of clarity.
  • Have fluctuations regarding romance in general though that can also be Aroflux or Arospike.


The grey in Greyquioromantic is akin to the grey in grey aromantic which means partial but not completely. Quioromatic used to be called WTFromantic but it was changed to be less vulgar. By that logic the old word for Greyquioromantic would be GreyWTFromantic but again this isn’t used very often anymore.