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Hostiamanticism is when a person feels attracted only to those who view their struggles and accept them.

A hostiamantic will shy away from those who don't validate the way they feel. They will not be romantically or platonically attracted unless they develop a close relationship with someone.


  • Are usually attracted to each other as they can relate well to each other's problems.
  • Sometimes are the victims of abuse, neglect, or denial, or are in some way neurodivergent.
  • Seek affection/attention/validation before they can be attracted.

Like with any romantic orientation, hostiamantic individuals can identify with any sexual orientation label.


The hostiamantic flag consists of a laurel wreath, representing peace and acceptance, atop intersecting black and white vertical lines. The lines represent hostiamantic people coming together to support each other and form their nature and their relationship. Typically used by neurodivergent people.

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