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Idemromantic flag by unknown.[1]

Idemromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. It is when one experiences no notable internal differences between platonic and romantic feelings, often categorizing relationships (and feelings) as platonic or romantic based on external factors. An idemromantic individual may categorize certain relationships as romantic instead of platonic based on age, emotional closeness, presence of sexual attraction, or other factors. The feelings towards one's romantic interests would not be distinguishable from platonic feelings and may be similar to how one feels for a best friend.

Idemromantic is a subset of quoiromantic.

Idem- can be a modifier (like idem-homoromantic) or its own thing (idemromantic). “Idemro” is the shortened version (similar to "greyro” for greyromantic).[2]


The term was coined by a deactivated Tumblr user on or before July 3th, 2015.[3][4] The flag was designed by the coiner on the day of coining.[1]

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