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Laesumianromantic is a term on the aromantic spectrum. This is for someone who feels their romantic attraction is 'damaged' due to past trauma, said person may still feel romantic attraction to some extent, or not at all, but if so it usually feels off. This does not imply survivors are damaged in any way, just some may feel that has happened to their attraction.

This term should only be used by trauma survivors and those with PTSD. The sexual counterpart of this flag is Laesumian.


The flag may be subject to change and doesn’t have a huge amount of meaning. The green theme for aromanticism and glass shatter representing ones feeling of a possibly shattered romantic attraction.


The Laesumian (not romantic) flag and term were created by Fandom user “gvtcatgirl” on October 12th, 2022. Laesumianromantic flag was created by “Xz0mbiek1tty.m4rzX” on Fandom, “z0mbiek1tty.m4rz” on most (?) social platforms on June 10th, 2023. User “z0mbiek1tty.m4rz” made Laesumianromantic flag due to there not being a romantic counterpart.