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Lithromantic (also known as akoiromantic or apromantic) is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. Lithromanticism describes romantic attraction without the desire for reciprocation.

Lithromantic experiences may include:

  • Feeling romantic attraction that fades upon being reciprocated
  • Feeling romantic attraction but preferring not to act on it
  • Experiencing discomfort upon entering a romantic relationship with a crush
  • Loss of interest in potential or actual partners when they romantically initiate
  • Fantasizing about romance but preferring it only in theory, not in practice
  • The craving for intimacy but then finding it uncomfortable when the intimacy is returned or given
  • Wanting to be loved but not wanting a relationship

The word "lithromantic," coined by Ian (stopanthropomorphizingme on Tumblr) comes from the Greek word lithos, which means "stone." This is an allusion to the stone sexual identity, which originated with butch lesbians and transmasculine people.[1]

Like with any romantic orientation, lithromantic individuals can identify with any sexual orientation label.

Or Lithromantic or akoiromantic has several alternative flags.