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These are myths about aromanticism.

  • Myth: Aromantics don't like hugging, cuddling or being touched.
  • Truth: Many aromantics do not have any aversion whatsoever to hugging, cuddling or being touched.

  • Myth: Aromantics do not experience attraction.
  • Truth: Aromantics may experience platonic attraction, as in a strong desire to be in a platonic relationship with somebody. They also may experience squishes, the platonic version of romantic crushes.

  • Myth: Aromantics are not affectionate.
  • Truth: Aromantics only don't experience romantic attraction. They may or may not be affectionate.

  • Myth: Aromantics do not want to be in a relationship.
  • Truth: Aromantics usually prefer to only be friends with others. They may be interested in platonic relationships or queerplatonic relationships.

  • Myth: Aromantics are loners.
  • Truth: Aromantics do not benefit from the privileges of a romantic relationship. But they may have other people close to them, like their family and friends, or those they are in a close platonic relationship with.

  • Myth: Aromantics prefer sexual relationships over romantic relationships.
  • Truth: Aromantics usually prefer friendships. They may enjoy a sexual relationship without any romantic aspects ("friends with benefits"). Others feel sexual attraction without feeling desire to have sex. Others are asexual.

  • Myth: Aromantics don't like candlelit dinners.
  • Truth: There are some aromantics that are interested in candlelit dinners.

  • Myth: Aromantics are incapable of loving or feeling love.
  • Truth: Aromantics only don't experience romantic love. They may experience love in other forms, such as platonic love.

  • Myth: Aromantics are unfriendly.
  • Truth: There are many friendly aromantics.

  • Myth: Aromantics do not have compassion or empathy
  • Truth: Aromantics only do not have romantic attraction. They may or may not be compassionate or empathetic.

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