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The orchidromantic flag.

Orchidromantic is a microlabel on the Aromantic spectrum. Orchidromantic is when an individual experiences romantic attraction, but does not desire a romantic relationship. Someone who identifies with this may consider individuals romantically attractive, but lacks the want to have or dislikes having romantic experiences. It can also be described as the "opposite of cupioromantic." [1]

The sexual equivalent of orchidromantic is orchidsexual. [1]


The term was coined by FANDOM user Ringotheman on 22 April 2021. [1]

Orchidromantic better quality

An alternative orchidromantic flag.


The orchidromantic flag was created by user CaseySeal11 on April 23, 2021. The colors are supposed to be the complementary colors of the cupioromantic flag. [1]

The alternative flag was created by FANDOM user Caprisunsandgushers on May 29th, 2021. it features the same colors as the original flag rearranged in a similar manner to the term's predecessor, orchidsexual, as well a simplified orchid outline. [1]


Orchidromantic was named after the orchid flower. The flower is often used to symbolize love, sex, and fertility. [1]

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