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Pseudoromantic Flag

Pseudoromantic is an aromantic spectrum microlabel describing individuals who experience a non-romantic attraction(s) which mimics or borders on romantic attraction.

Pseudoromantic individuals experience strong attraction (such as aesthetic attraction, sensual attraction, or sexual attraction) which mimics romantic attraction, often by inducing romantic feelings. Despite this they lack the intrinsic desire to engage in romantic acts with that individual. The label pseudoromantic may fall under the green stripe aromantic umbrella.

Some common pseudoromantic experiences might include:

  • Experiencing romantic feelings caused by a tertiary attraction or sexual attraction without a drive to engage in romantic acts with the target of attraction.
  • Enjoying or being romanticly interested in individuals in erotic content or fantasies but being uninterested in romantic activity with the individuals.
  • Experiencing romantic feelings caused by viewing or otherwise sensing an individual but lacking romantic attraction towards the individual.
  • Experiencing a non-romantic attraction so strongly it overwhelms any potential romantic attraction.

Pseudoromantic may also be used as a prefix (eg. pseudo-biromantic) or as part of an angled aro-ace or oriented aro-ace identity.

Pseudoromantic was coined on Reddit by AnonymousHermitCrab