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Quaromantic flag by ConfusedAsHecc.[1]

Quaromantic is an aromantic identity when one feels strong alterous and/or exteramo attraction in place of where romantic attraction would be.

An alternative way to describe it is if there was a hole of where romantic feelings would be but it was filled in with strong alterous and/or exteramo feelings to replace what was never there.

Those who are quaromantic desire emotional closeness with others in a way that is not romantic but more than platonic.

The pronunciation is "kwah-row-man-tic". Quaro ("kwah-row") for short.


Quaromantic was coined on June 6th, 2022, by ConfusedAsHecc on Reddit.[2] The flag (and two alternative ones) were made that same day.[1]

Flags + Details[]

The flag was inspired by the aromantic flag and the colors were inspired by the rose quartz gemstone. The heart is ridged and is also meant to represent rose quartz and non-romantic love.