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Queeromantic[1] (kwirōˈman(t)ik) is when you know you like same gender people and/or multiple genders but not able to label it with a known romantic orientation, coined by shewhowillrise (ana).


queeromantic flag proposed by ana

The Queeromantic Flag[2]:[]

  • Black: feeling lost about romantic orientation 
  • Purple: Confusion about attraction to gender(s)
  • Green: Represent the possibility of being arospec (demiromantic, grey-romantic, etc) but not aromantic itself (meaning knowing you feel romantic attraction, but don't know if it's after a strong bond or just a fleeting moment, etc.) 

Not to be confused with wtfromantic, which is not knowing if you feel romantic attraction or not and not understanding romantic attraction as a concept. Queeromantic is knowing you feel romantic attraction, but not sure to which gender, thus which orientation, and if arospec (not aromantic itself), such as demiromantic or grey-romantic.

(Ana has moved blogs from yondupoppins to teamsharoncarter. They can now be found at shewhowillrise.)