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Queerplatonic flag by anonymous.

Queerplatonic relationship (also called a quasiplatonic relationship, quirkyplatonic relationship, or qplatonic relationship) is a term for an intimate, non-romantic committed relationship and is abbreviated to QPR for short. It typically refers to a relationship that bends the lines between a romantic relationships and a non-romantic relationships.

Queerplatonic relationships are common among a-spec individuals, however one does not have to identify as a-spec to be in one. One also does not have to be queer to be in a queerplatonic relationship. Pursuing a queerplatonic relationship is not necessarily mutually exclusive with pursuing romantic relationships. A queerplatonic relationship can be monogamous or polyamorous (involving more than two individuals). It is very common for aroallos, aroaces, and alloroaces to be in this kind of relationship.

Individuals in queerplatonic relationships might refer to each other as their queerplatonic partner (QPP), marshmallow/mallowfriend, or as zucchini (a term that was originally a joke in the a-spec community about lacking a word to properly describe the term).

A queerplatonic "crush" is most commonly called a squish (the same as a platonic crush), and is less commonly called a plush, squash, or crish.

Funfact: Every third saturday of July is Queerplatonic Relationship Day. It is a day for celebration and qpr visibility.[1]


The terminology around queerplatonic relationships was first documented in 2010 in an online thread called Kaz’s Scribblings.[2] Since the word queerplatonic originated in late 2010, by the time 2011 rolled around it quickly gained popularity among online users.

It described an aromantic form of a connection with someone that were outside the boxes of friendship and/or romance. In spring 2014, the phrase quasiplatonic relationships was coined for a-spec people who were uncomfortable with using the word queer.[3]

Sometime between the coinage and the summer of 2015, pride-flags-for-us made a flag for queerplatonic relationships.[4][5] Then on August 21st, an anonymous DeviantArt user made a flag for queerplatonic relationships.[6]

On September 9th, 2020, dandelion-ambrosius made a flag for polyamous queerplatonic relationships.[7]

On January 31st, 2021, rjalker made an alternative queerplatonic flag.[8] Then on July 25th, neopronouns made an alternative flag for polyplatonic relationships.[9]

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