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Reicioromantic by isobug

The Reicioaro flag

Reicioromantic, also known as Reicioaromantic or simply Reicioaro, is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum characterized by limited or no romantic attraction, interest, or activity due to emotional exhaustion from repeated rejection, or an intense fear of rejection.

Reicioaro is similar to and may overlap with or be used alongside Requiesromantic and the Romance-drained Romance Stance, but using or identifying with those terms is not a requirement for being Reicioaro.[1]

An example of someone using this label would be an individual who is Aromantic, was Romance-neutral, and who is now Romance-drained due to repeated rejection. They now consider themselves Reicioaro as they’ve lost all romantic interest in and any urges for romantic activities with those individuals.[2]


The prefix Reicio- comes from the latin word "Reiciō", which literally means to throw or repel, but can also be used figuratively to mean "to reject". It is pronounced /ˈrei̯.ki.oː/.[3][1]


The Reicioaro flag was made by isobug on October 20th, 2023. The colors were inspired by the Aromantic flag and the Requiesromantic flag. Green stands for for "Aromanticism / Being on the Arospec", Blue for "exhaustion / rest", and the Grey stripe going through the Aro arrow represents "the absence of romantic attraction / interest / activity".[1][2]


Reicioromantic, Reicioaromantic, Reicioaro, and the Reicio- prefix were coined by Tumblr user isobug on October 20th, 2023. [1]