Romantic attraction, also known as a Crush, is a term for a subtype of attraction. This attraction may involve fantasizing about or being drawn to sharing a romantic relationship or romantic overtures with a specific person. However, the specifics will vary by individual, and the line between romantic and nonromantic may be slightly different for everyone. Commonly, romantic attraction may involve limerence, strong emotions, anxious feelings, and a desire for reciprocation.

Romantic attraction, along with romantic drive and romantic desire, are concepts closely related to the concept of romantic orientation. The term "romantic attraction," as a romantic parallel to "sexual attraction," was popularized by the asexual community in the early 2000s.[1] However, there are digitally-recorded uses of the phrase as far back as 1990.[2]

Absence, infrequency, or ambiguity of romantic attraction is one reason some people have for identifying with the aromantic spectrum.

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