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A Squish is a platonic crush, where one strongly desires to be close to a particular individual, but not in a romantic way. It is defined as the desire to be close friends with a particular individual, or to become closer friends with a particular individual if one is already friends with them.

It may also be used for a desire to be in a queerplatonic relationship with a particular individual, or as any sort of crush that is not romantic or sexual in nature.

It is common for aromantic and other a-spec individuals to experience squishes, though it is not exclusive to them, and not all a-spec individuals experience squishes.

Having squishes is not the same as a general "desire for friends". A squish is targeted towards a specific individual. One can desire friends without feeling squishes. Someone who does not experience squishes may call themself aplatonic.[1]


The term, squish, has been around since at least 2009 (in reference to a platonic crush).[2] It is unknown when it was exactly coined or first started in usage.